About Us

Cal Williams

Cal Williams is currently a junior at The Haverford School. He takes part in the robotics team, squash team and baseball team. He also is a leader of the Politics club at his school. Cal is very interested in entrepreneurial studies and aspires to own and run (along with his partner Thomas Van Dean) a collection of successful businesses in the Philadelphia Area.

Thomas Van Dean

Thomas Van Dean is a junior currently attending Philadelphia's Central High School. Interested in in business, Thomas is passionate about investing and growing the Philadelphia community. Thomas understands the determination that is required with starting small, and Jawnt is no exception to this requirement. The future of the trio is limitless, and Thomas is anxiously excited to see Jawnt's potential grow and thrive.


Jawnt is a startup in the greater-Philadelphia area. Being comprised of two full-time students, we are able to employ a risk-taking mentality to grow and develop the vision of Jawnt. The two student co-founders short biography's are below, followed by their respective email addresses if you have any further questions.

Our Team

The Jawnt team thrives itself on giving the customers a great experience while working with us. Our team is determined and ready to face any challenges that come our way.